Common Purpose Navigator

A leadership course that brings together high potential, early career individuals from a range of backgrounds - on a local, regional, national and international basis.


What is Common Purpose Navigator?

Navigator makes the city your classroom; taking you behind the scenes and immersing you in real-life challenges faced by leaders from a wide range of sectors. This experiential programme helps you explore change and innovation, allowing you to develop better problem-solving skills and the ability to work in diverse groups.

You will receive insights from key leaders in the city or region, who will share with you their successes and failures on the key themes of power, courage and resonance. Navigator provides you with a safe space to share your own leadership challenges with fellow participants. You will be taken out of your familiar environment to examine why, when and how you lead.


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"As a result of becoming clear of my strengths and weaknesses and learning through the course to use my team more effectively I now delegate more and am putting processes in place to make my role more transparent and therefore transferable - which will help the sustainability of the business."

Linzi Moore, Business Manager, you:unlimited

What are the benefits of Common Purpose Navigator?

Because professional development paths so often require people to narrow down and specialise early in their careers, the risk is that this both frustrates young talent and ill prepares them for leadership. Common Purpose Navigator counterbalances this effect.

Participants thrive in the environment that helps them to combine their personal values and their professional skills. They become more aware, balanced, professional and passionate leaders.

Because everything to do with Common Purpose Navigator is diverse - its participants, experiences, contributors and case studies - the course pulls participants out of their comfort zone to face up to their own biases.

Participants learn to adapt and thrive in difficult and unfamiliar circumstances and become more open to working with different people, in new ways, to solve complex problems. They develop the ability to build lasting relationships that encourage collaboration and are more equipped to take responsibility for issues outside their control.

What is the format of Common Purpose Navigator?

The course spans six months. It is structured in a modular format to have local, regional and international elements which challenge the participants to consider leadership issues from very different perspectives, reflecting the real-life complexity of their own roles, interests and experiences.

All participants from across a region, or country, take part in three core days, where they explore the leadership themes of courage, power and resonance, and learn from the ideas and experiences of others.

"The Navigator programme, activities and participants really challenged me to think and develop in new ways - I am much clearer in how I can be a better leader. It has already made a difference to my work - I feel that I am more personally effective and able to make an early impact."

Toby Rumford, Ministry of Defence

How to apply:

Complete the online application form at right or download the forms below and send both by post or fax to your local Common Purpose office.

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Equal Opportunities Form

For more about the overall application process, please visit the application page.

What is the cost?

The fee for Navigator is £3,500 + VAT per participant.

Contact us to learn more about financial assistance or to buy multiple places.


''The course has been beneficial to me in my new executive role in Enfield Community Services.I feel better prepared to face the difficult and uncomfortable situations that I frequently find myself in. For example:- representing ECS at regional / national events, chairing, rather than just presenting, at hearings and seminars etc plus meeting and often negotiating with unfamiliar people outside of my organisation or usual sphere of influence. I am more confident and the course has broadened my horizons, having always worked in the NHS.''

Kay Lewis, Clinical Quality Lead & Service Manager Long Term Conditions, Enfield Community Services

"I think the most valued element of the course was the series of peer-to-peer learning sessions, where I was introduced to and practiced new skills. I now use one such skill, the method of open questioning, to challenge our procedures and to work more efficiently with colleagues on the planning and delivery of projects. I also use the Common Purpose guidance around how to operate in these peer-to-peer learning groups to guide my conduct in meetings, which leads to success! Shoreditch Trust is currently going through a period of change and I can attribute some of the reasons for my promotion to the skills I acquired and now use from Common Purpose. I am sure I would not have coped as well through this change if I hadn't taken the time out of work to develop and explore these leadership skills and ideas."

Hilary Clayton, Community and Enterprise Projects Manager, Shoreditch Trust